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Which Tourmaline is Best

Which Tourmaline is Best

Which Tourmaline is Best?

Besides different varieties and countless tourmaline crystals, it would be difficult ppl consider a specific tourmaline as best.

Because all are exceptional and prominent with distinctive properties. There must be some criteria or evaluation pattern to analyze the best and ideal tourmaline.

Here we have four criteria on which we can judge the beauty and benefits of these stones in a whole. It includes color, clarity, cut and carat.

Any stone must be perfect in these four dimensions. If it fulfils all four that says attractive and eye catching color, it must be inclusion free, the cuts must be on point that increases it’s structure and aroma and it’s weight per carat.

Describing all these factors in detail is not possible because it contains in-depth research. Still, we have gathered some ideas and information that will help you to take wise decision regarding this precious stone.


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Color of Tourmaline

The element of color is the first and foremost considerable trait. People often assume that they should prefer their favorite color in it’s selection but this is not how it works. There are international rules and standards to examine best color combination on the basis of hue, density and saturation.

One thing which you can’t neglect is it’s suitability upon you. Whatever, the color is, it must suits you and provide all beneficial properties. If it’s not working same, know that it’s not perfect for you. Ok let’s discuss about the concept of hue:


Rough Tourmalines For Sale

Hue is purely based on your preference or choice what attracts you more.

In simpler words, it is a color that you view with your naked eye. There are different choices and preferences of people that initiates distinctive colors for different kind of people.

There are specific colors that suits on specific people. Color selection plays a vital role when it comes to choosing the best tourmaline.


After choosing a suitable color among many alternatives, the other prominent factor is tone.

How much the color contrast varies up to what extent is tone. It identifies it’s minimal and maximum level in a stone.

Two tone

Some tourmalines are brighter in shade while some are light. It’s about tone identification and amount of hue present in it.

People look for it while selecting because it enhance the beauty if the quantity of hue is moderate. Often crystals are more attractive because of theme of color and mixture of hues. It has been a considerable factor since it was developed.

It’s creators and experts also make various experiments by lowering and increasing hue to evaluate it’s worth and attractiveness.

Too little or too extravagant color don’t work well for tourmaline lovers. There must be a balance of two contrast colors which forms a well-structured look and layout that also gives a promising look wherever it’s used.

Not only in tourmaline, many other stones and related crystals focus on maintaining a lovely tone that can be attractive for buyers.


Watermelon Tourmaline

Are you aware of the concept that is called saturation? Saturation is basically the depth and intensity of color you choose for your tourmaline.

It evaluates how prominent it is. We can’t ignore this element like others because of having significance. Saturation is also a key factor because it tells you how perfectly or not the hue is present in it and vigor of it.

Let’s take an example, when we go to purchase something we often more attracted towards something that has brighter shades with contrast which is getting more attention.

There are some products that are designed with colorful packaging to grab customer attention.

Although some find it cheap but majority people prefer colorful things instead of colorless objects. Same goes with tourmaline crystals.

It’s been saturated by a process to make it look great, the more it is saturated, higher will be it’s price. This saturation factor is the criteria for making or worthwhile.

Shade of light and it’s effects

It is also a great formula to judge and interpret the original hue, tone and saturation. People got confused many times because the color looks different on the outlet because of many shades of lights at the store. But these stone looks different when they look it without those extra lighting.

There are several colors that looks different in sunlight and other artificial lights. You must have a proper understanding of these little things to know and get the best tourmaline. Some properties or features changes it’s color that present in it. Tourmaline looks more engaging with different shades and hues mixed up in a beautiful contrast.


People having experience in this field would better know the importance of clarity and less inclusions in these kind of stones. When a gemstone is formed, it’s not free from inclusion and flaws. Because a newly formed natural crystal doesn’t have a shape not it is refined initially. Then it get through a process to get a desirable shape and structure.

People want tourmaline that are rare in it’s layout and design. The clarity and perfection must be seen in it to make it look brilliant and worth buying. Sometimes these crystals transformed into an entire different shape and structure when heating them.

But when they are being heated, they lose their originality and perfection which will effect their demand. You must take these factors into consideration to figure out the best overall tourmaline stone. People often ignore this feature or sometimes they don’t know about these inclusions in detail.

Clarity is shown in first impression and it can’t be the best one if it’s not wholly free of inclusions and imperfections.


When the tourmaline is formed it doesn’t contain any specific shape. Then they place cuts in a way to change it in an attractive shape.

These cuts highlight the amazing features and layout of a crystal. Tourmaline can be shaped into round, triangle, square or oval and there would be no decrease in it’s benefits.

But the cuts must be properly aligned with it’s shapes otherwise the whole look will be down. Symmetric cuts looks more attractive and it enhance the beauty of a bright crystal.

Some cuts makes it prominent and distinguished. You must have an idea of cuts while choosing the best tourmaline crystal.

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