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Ultimate Guide of Tourmaline Gemstone Minerals by Crazy Minerals

Ultimate Guide of Tourmaline Gemstone Minerals

When it comes to gemstones, tourmaline is one of the most versatile and prized options available. Though there are many different colors of tourmaline, all varieties share a few common characteristics: they’re usually medium-to-dark in tone, they have excellent clarity and lustre, and they’re quite durable.

In fact, tourmalines are so tough that they can even be used in jewelry design!

If you’re interested in adding a touch of glamour to your wardrobe with a beautiful tourmaline gemstone, keep reading.

We’ll discuss some of the most popular colors of tourmaline below.

What is Actually Tourmaline Gemstone?

One of the most precious and colorful stone which is perfectly suitable for October born having opal is something extraordinary classy among crystals and minerals with infinite useful properties.

Tourmaline was derived from the word “turmali” which means a crystal having several colors which is it’s specialty that makes it extravagant.

This beautiful gemstone was founded in Italy during the Dutch era. The outlook of this crystal was similar to many other priceless stones due to which they named it tourmaline to give its own identity. Besides its eye-catching view, the Ancient people of China used this stone for many idealistic craft purposes and to make their work prominent.

Still, these crafted stone works are made from a combination of different colored stones preserved in museums and different places where people visit and view them.

These crystals are one of the most beautiful crafted products of this world, after a refined process their makers enhanced their look and makes it desirable for everyone with unlimited uses and benefits which will get discussed in this article.

Colors Variety of Tourmaline Gemstone

This gemstone is found in a variety of different colors which you can choose according to your nature and preference.

These unique shades increases it’s beauty and makes it worth to purchase and value for money. It’s eye catching look attracts every eye and you will fall for it undoubtedly.

No other gemstone has this much variety in colors. Tourmaline is also found in different dimensions and structures with each one containing different properties which are its specialty.

It also has several chemical properties with different shapes and luxury colors making it worth looking for. Here are some colors of gemstones with their unique elements, alongside different colors, this gemstone also holds distinctive properties to differentiate each shade.

Each color has it’s own importance and properties. Let’s discuss them below individually to give you a clear idea how it works:

1- Green

Green tourmaline stone is layered with the iron and titanium chemicals with a prominent and wide green shade, it is not harder in appearance with a beautiful transparent look through which light can be passed and makes it more attractive.

This green colored precious tourmaline is more neat and sparkling with a bluish shade of green. This is profoundly a great addition to your collection of gems.

2- Pink

Pink colored tourmaline is emerged from the chemical element called manganese. It has an extravagant aura makes it excessively unique and classic to wear in a jewelry or for any other use. Women mostly prefer and love this color due to this reason this stone is having a vast demand.

3- Green

Another shade of this incredible gemstone is available in green color with chrome chemical properties. It’s made with the substance named as vanadium, this substance is used to convert the emeralds of different countries in a green shade.

4- Rubellite

Rubellite tournaline is available in so many colors with variety of shades having reddish brown, pink and purple. All these mixture of colors collectively create a brilliant outer look with added beauty.

This gemstone has a great resemblance with Ruby(the most precious gemstone ever) it’s classy features, attractive material and uses are similar to ruby.

People consider it equally worthy as ruby stone if it possess the same quality of ruby to get transformed in red color in sunlight or any other ray of light.

If it gets easily transformed into another color while placing it towards light, it will be called priceless tourmaline having bright shade of pink.

5- Bi-Pink

Pink tourmaline is colored by the trace element manganese. Yellowish-brown tourmalines are called dravites, and black ones are referred to as schorl.

6- Violet Blue

Another color is violet blue in a green shaded contrast, this amazing gemstone is called indigolite. Originally, it is made of contrast of sky blue and green with more blue shade that makes it extravagant.

7- Blue

Blue color that indicates eye blue having a lighter shade of chatoyancy is also founded in tourmaline stone widely and commonly found in blue, green and pink with mild structure more softer than the colored cat eyes.

8- Mohrenkohf

In this ongoing list, another worthy gemstone which is Mohrenkohf which has no color having transparent frame with a bit black shade.

Their name Mohrenkohf was suggested on a famous cake of Germany due to its vast production in Germany. The decoration of cake is done similarly like this crystalline gemstone.

9- Partial Pink

Partial pink and partial green stone with dual color effect, it emerges during the difference in chemical when it’s in growth stage. In beginning it emerges as soft pink color and then gradually it changes it’s color.

10- Red

Rarely it happens that a crystal in red color when it’s in growth stage but transform into green color when it gets done, this gemstone is considered as watermelon stone because of it’s similarity in overall outer and inner surface. Dealers cut it down into many pieces to exaggerate it’s natural shade.

11- Paraiba

Paraiba stone of tourmaline group is the most expensive and rarely found stone among all it’s kinds. With several chemical properties, it has green and blue colored effect with prominent violet hues.

The most anticipated demanding tourmaline is in bluish color. It’s color pattern differentiate it from other categories.

You would be shocked to know that it’s more costly than original Ruby stone. Due to this much valuable features, paraiba tourmaline can’t get purchased easily. There are many features which has increase it’s worth immensely in which its color, size, structure or shape everything has a crucial role.

Benefits of Tourmaline Gemstone & Minerals

There are many reasons why this gemstone is on the list of most demanding, valuable, and admirable stones. Besides having a beautiful structure and fine cuts which makes it wonderfully attractive, it holds many advantages which everyone wants to enjoy. Here below are those benefits this storm provides.

Let’s view them:

  • As per some research and facts, the most incurable diseases occur due to excessive overflow which can be reduced with it. These gemstones help you to get over depression, mental illness, or severe anxiety. It contains relieving and relaxing properties that can provide a soothing peaceful vibe with no harmful consequences. Moreover, it sharpens your mental health and also boosts your metabolism and stamina. It is also beneficial for blood circulation on which our whole body is dependent.
  • Tourmaline can effectively eliminate all impurities from your body that causes several diseases. It works as a cleaning or removing agent which abolishes and provides nutrients that can be great for the nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, crucial organs, and body cells.
  • With all these above-mentioned benefits, its chemical properties help in strengthening your nervous system because it contains a unique specialty which says that these rare tourmaline stones can emerge and produce heat which is their quality that can be used for many useful purposes but somehow it can create some difficulties with excessive heat.
  • The negative impact is an extreme boost in energy to your mind by the doubled provision of oxygen which can cause a lack of sleep or an overdose of energy. But on another side, you can take it as an advantage too.
  • This higher-priced stone is extremely effective for the treatment of several diseases or medicinal issues. Its properties can be enough beneficial to get instant relief from mental illness or stress. Also, it can create magic when you use it frequently by providing guaranteed solace from ailments.
  • There is good news for those who are worried about their weight-gaining tendency, tourmaline is also useful to reduce the excess fat that ends up getting a smarter look by getting rid of fat or chubby look.
  • Often people find stones in the liver or kidney which is quite common these days. This gemstone clean it by purifying and detoxifying both of these essential organs to keep you healthy and fit. This beautiful and useful crystal is too good for health benefits. Have you ever recognized or realized that a gemstone can also be this much worthwhile having countless pros?
  • Having continuous benefits, it is also effective to treat skin issues which include rashes, dead skin, acne problems, irritation, or skin infection. Any issue related to the skin can be treated with tourmaline. With it’s chemically extracted properties it can burst those bacteria that are causing illness or pain.
  • Instead of drinking, smoking, or finding any other evil way to provide dopamine to your brain which consequently ends up being harmful for your health having temporary relief which gets you addicted, this gemstone is extremely fascinating to provide relaxation to your mind to get you out from a relaxing situation. Stress can leads towards major diseases and this gemstone is the best way to get over tension and depression. Also it will drive your mood by creating a positive vibe around and also control your mood swings.
  • Lactic and free fatty acids are toxic to human health. This stone causes a decrease in its growth and emergence to protect the environment and living beings.
  • Just by keeping this stone near you, it can fade away your exhaustion or fatigue and you will feel refreshed by extracting pain from your joints and whole body which gives a feeling of tiredness.
  • By strengthening your immune system, it makes your body able to fight effectively from several diseases while staying healthy. Furthermore, chronic pain like arthritis can also get cured with this priceless gem.
  • Joints the problem, spinal cord issues, muscular pain, and bone weakness, all these diseases or deficiencies can be fulfilled by having tourmaline. It can stretch out incessant pain.
  • Not only this, but if you feel addicted or obsessive towards something or any action, this gemstone can be really helpful to control this behavior because any addiction always impacts negatively on your well-being.
  • It is also significant to control both sides of your brain which control whole body parts by transmitting signals within no time. This stone can help to enhance its ability. Additionally, it is great to retain positive energy and restrict negative energy from you to ensure a soothing peaceful environment for mental health and growth.

All these above-discussed pros and advantages of tourmaline are verified and tested. Countless people are getting benefits from this ultra-effective gemstone with several kinds of stone.

This whole guide must be useful for you to know the valuable information about it. After benefits here below are some uses of tourmaline gemstone.

Let’s have a look.

Uses of Tourmaline Minerals/Gemstone

After discussing it’s benefits, it’s beneficial uses are not lesser. There are plenty of ways through which you can make use of it all it depends upon your ease and comfort. No hard and fast rule is being developed to use it in a specific form, anyone can make use of it to get prosperous.

Everyone must experience the worse phase of life once in their lives & there is no control over what’s happening and the helplessness and depression leads us towards getting crazy, reacting too much, always remain in anger mode which affects our physical and mental health a lot.

Our mind is not supportive in such positions, it recalls bad memories, painful past moments time to time that makes us think unconsciously about the worst period unintentionally which spoils our mood & make us frustrated with the reality and somehow this whole process is quite difficult to pass.

Have you ever suffered from such condition? If yes, than using tourmaline will be extremely great to suppress those thoughts that creates negative vibes around you and makes you uncomfortable, you heart agonizes and your mind wanders.

This worth considering gemstone can change your mood by encountering your thought process and diverting negative energy into positive. You can use it to shape your thoughts into a constructive manner & you will feel a positive change within you by using it.

Sometimes, there are some toxic relationships you have which you can’t even leave but they make your life miserable.

If you’re also one of those facing such problem, using black tourmaline would help you to get through this and regain your mental health which get effected with constant bad behavior, taunts, teasing and hurting one another. Specially it is more suitable for ladies to have this beautiful crystal.

You can wear it in your jewelry to get peaceful vibes & you will not get effected by any negativity around. Also it protect you by creating a shield which will not allow any negative energy to enter in your mind as it is a beginning of problem.

Another use of tourmaline crystal is to keep it with you or place it suitably around your home, work place or anywhere you spent more time.

This way, it will never let you feel down, drowsy, unwell or low at energy. This happen because there are some negative forces of vibes which are present in your environment or some thoughts that constantly coming to you and shift your focus, you can get rid of all these above mentioned issues which you can surely relate to by using tourmaline.

It’s not ordinary but super classic that will help you with it’s powerful properties with enough capabilities that can easily solve your problem without even letting you know.

While performing worship or religious rituals which are mandatory, often people complain that they are unable to concentrate while practicing any worship, their mind can’t make focus and due to negative attractive forces, they don’t perform it as it should.

To get out of this problem, you can select a tourmaline that suits you best and keep it with you in your bag, pocket or jewelry anywhere but safely. It will keep you away from having negative or irrelevant thoughts.

Another effective and tested usage of this stone is that you can take a paper or anything on which you need to write your desires and wishes, also your problems and their reasons, don’t forget to lastly mention the solution you have In you’d mind for these problems you are facing.

After doing all these three steps after a thorough analysis and self recognition, the next step is to align this paper with tourmaline. You might think it’s foolish idea but once you do it, you will get shocked to experience the great after effects.

This tourmaline will get attached with it and whatever you wish for will get accomplished with the combination of your effort and the effect and remarkable benefits of tourmaline. You can either use it by wearing it’s ring or locket to enjoy its tremendous benefits 24/7.

This stone can also be used commonly to detoxify and clean the overall atmosphere. Often people believe that keeping this stone in house or anywhere either it’s your wallet, keychain, doorbell, or any other place where you want no lethal energy you can place it.

Not only it keeps the environment clean but also prevents the residents of that place from impurities.

Also this use can be great to prevent from toxic traits and negative vibes.

Meditation with Tourmaline

Another superb use of this superb stone is that you can choose any of your favorite tourmaline and take a piece of it, now slowly and gently close your palm in which you are holding it. Black tourmaline would be most ideal to do this meditation.

With closed eyes you have to think about all positive things you want in your life, think of a happy and peaceful world where there is no negative energy coming towards you and this stone is removing all toxic elements from your mind and body which let you feel lighter and relaxed than ever before.

While doing it you can breath in breath out in a relaxing manner like you’re doing yoga. After a few time you will view entirely darkness now you have to think about all those negative impact and affects which are influencing badly on your life.

Allow them and bravely face them for few minutes and embrace yourself to be strong enough to face these challenges because it is an initial step in which you need to admit that evil forces exist and you have to fight with them.

During this whole process, you will gradually feel more comfortable and peaceful, a this happen because of the tourmaline stone you’re holding it provides soothing vibes to your mind and strong positive energy inside you to lead a happy and healthy life.

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Tourmaline gemstone contains infinite advantages which are difficult to count and summarize but we have tried our best to present the best of it’s pros towards you.

This gemstone is ideal for everyone in any age group with the availability of different colors, sizes, shapes and features.

Those who are aware of those windfalls and blessings you can enjoy while having this or any gemstone in your life would never stay without them who know it’s actual worth and value.

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