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Types of Tourmaline Gemstone

In this article, we have discussed a variety of different kinds of tourmaline gemstones along with their key features. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you to get to know all necessary relevant details about these crystals.

Tourmaline Gemstone Types – Overview

This is a common belief that wearing or keeping real gemstones gives you incredible benefits and protection from many hurdles and toxicities.

Gemstones not just provide great benefits but also symbolizes royalty and nobility. Here we are discussing the types and characteristics of tourmaline gemstones with other details.

Its name was suggested by turbans. They ferret out the meaning of this crystalline stone as the stone has several colors.

With a variety of kinds which we will discuss further, it is attainable in many different colors and shapes which green, blue, red black, and pink are common and most accessible stones.

Top & Best Tourmaline Gemstone You Can Buy Today

1- Tourmaline Bracelet

Tourmaline Bracelet

Bracelets are used by women as jewelry and mostly they prefer stones in them instead of artificial beads. This is the reason why they made tourmaline bracelets for ladies to wear.

It is available in so many colors varying from green, blue, black, violet, pink, red, white, purple, yellow, and so on.

Women usually get attracted towards colorful objects due to which it is available in single and multi colors.

The least cost of a tourmaline bracelet starts from $5 and it goes up to $6000+ as per the size and value of different varieties. Mostly these are founded in Brazil, Africa, and Nigeria.

If we talk about the benefits you can get from wearing these bracelets, it is being observed that women are more short-tempered and adopt negativity more likely as compared to men.

This bracelet can protect you from being excessively angry and toxic. It keeps away all negative energy and lets you remain peaceful and cool-minded which is great for your overall health.

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2- Tourmaline Necklace

Tourmaline Necklace

It’s totally up to you whether you wear a tourmaline necklace or Lockett. In Lockett form, a single tourmaline is hung on a chain and the necklace contains several stones in a row of chains.

It is also a likable women’s ornament which you can wear to avail of its superb benefits.

Also, you can have it in all colors because the tourmaline is available in all shades.

The most beautiful shades are light purple, pink, black, orange, green, gray, blue, and brown.

The price range of this necklace started from $5 and ends up to $13000+ all it depends upon the variety or quality you choose. The most magnificent variety of this necklace is founded in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.

It also incorporates advantages while making use of it. The highly recommended use of a tourmaline necklace is to wear it all the time. When it gets closer to your body, it’s highly protective and reactive properties prevent you from negative energy and evil distractions.

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3- Tourmaline Beads

Tourmaline Beads

We have discussed a lot about tourmaline stones but when we left some space in these stones to make use of them in different jewelry items, it becomes beads but there is no difference came in their worth and usability. These beads are smaller and available in different shapes and sizes according to the purpose for which they are being crafted.

Tourmaline beads are obtainable in a variety of colors but an extensively common color in beads is observed in rainbow colors.

The average price on which dealers sell and purchase these beads started from $5 which is the minimum and maximum of $7000+. It is allocated as per the purchasing power of every individual.

These beads of tourmaline are useful for the cure of several chronic skin diseases which you would be surprised to know. Wearing these beads in any form can help you get over ailments. Also, it helps you to restore positive energy to get a peaceful life.

4- Brazilian Tourmaline

Brazilian Tourmaline

This is an undeniable fact that Brazil produces the best and rarest forms of precious tourmalines in different colors varying from green, blue, purple and pink shades.

The Brazilian tourmalines are of moderate shades neither bright nor lighter. These stones are of great contrast with a creatively adorable texture that can attract anyone. The color saturation, contrast and mixture collectively formulate a worthwhile gemstone having a higher value.

This stone has the potential to get transformed into a different color when you turn its position or view it from another side.

Also, it is well crafted with brilliant cuts that exaggerated its beauty. It looks better when placed toward sunlight due to its charismatic properties and extravagant look.

Its price started from $5 and goes up to $18000 as per the value and specifications. As its name tells us that it originated from Brazil.

These Brazilian tourmalines can be crafted and used for settling many disputes. This well-known gemstone provides wonderful benefits that can be effective in your daily life.

5- Tourmaline Rings

Tourmaline Rings

Tourmaline rings are a specific set of those birthstones that are made for October born. These rings can be made to wear for many purposes and people love to wear rings made up of tourmalines.

Ladies prefer wearing crystal rings and they suit their beautiful fingers but instead of any other stone, preferring tourmaline crystal can be more beneficial and equally elegant.

These rings can be bought in multi colors and a different range of colors like pink, purple, green, blue, black, violet, rainbow colors, and other unique colors that combine with and formed a new color.

California, Brazil Japan, and Indonesia are those countries where these crystal rings are produced with unlimited benefits.

You can find relaxing vibes with a soothing atmosphere that can strengthen your peace of mind and gives you refreshing energy to start every new day.

It keeps away from you all toxic energy that makes you mentally ill and diverts your mind from your focus and vision.

6- Teal Tourmaline

3.59 Ctw Teal Tourmaline Pair, Tourmaline Cut, Brazil -

Teal tourmaline is not similar to other gemstones because of its high-profile looks and desirability.

These tourmalines are mostly available in a bluish green shade with beautiful cuts that make them look more enhanced and worth viewing.

It’s an ocean blue shade with a greenish touch that gives an impression of a sea inside this stone which increases it’s beauty 10x.

This charming gemstone can be founded in Brazil Africa and Afghanistan.

Moreover, this gemstone can be placed in any jewelry or pallet to keep it with you as it holds infinite benefits with great value.

You can get an idea with it’s price range that is starting from $5 and goes above to $50,000 which is massive for a middle class person.

But according to it’s worth it’s worth this  tourmaline can protect you from evil energy and enhance your mental well-being. It is also helpful to reduce excess fat and detoxification the process to get you a healthy and fit lifestyle.

7- Chrome Tourmaline


This unique and beautiful tourmaline with a bright green complexion with a wide quantity of vanadium and chrome. These both combine and formed a special get-green shade.

It is also a fact that the purest form of chrome highly resembles emerald. Chrome tourmaline is also known as chrome granite. Available in the African mining industry.

It is contained-catching co with a bit of yellowish and bluish touch. Blue color becomes prominent in normal light while yellow expose itself to sun rays.

It is being worn in jewelry form with many undefined colors and shapes. It can be mold and cut into all desirable positions to have an eye-catching look of jewelry. Moreover holds great importance among all other gemstones.

Its price range started from $100 to $2000 minimum or maximum. Price ranges differ because of quality and geographic factors.

These chrome tourmalines can heal body pain and skin issues effectively. It helps to get rid of toxic chemicals and negative impacts on impacts physical and mental growth. It purifies your body and gives a relaxing effect.

8- Natural Tourmaline

1 PC Raw Natural Green Tourmaline Schorl Crystal Gem Original Mineral Specimen Rough Stone|Stones| - AliExpress

All tourmalines originate in the most organic way called natural tourmalines. These are available in entirely different sizes and shapes with a variety of colors.

Natural tourmalines are minerals that are mined from several mining locations with natural ways. They are not refined or transformed into different other forms for other purposes. Their originality is their real beauty which creates their value and tells it’s worth.

It’s availability can be founded in many colors in which green, red, orange, blue, white, pink, black, grey, purple, and brown are more common.

You can get them from anywhere with a price range of $5 to $50,000 which is enough to describe how costly and valuable these natural tourmalines are.

Brazil and Africa are prominent countries where you can find them easily because they are producer countries. Moreover, these natural tourmalines are good for many purposes and you can make use of them in many ways by using your mind.

These natural crystals refrain your health and wellness from any disease and create a protective shield around you to let you away from all toxicities.

9- Rough Tourmaline

100 grams Tourmaline Rough Stone -Black Tourmaline Raw Stone - Pink Tourmaline Rough | Folkmarketgems

Rough tourmaline as its name suggests is in raw form. A tourmaline after getting mined from specific mining places, gets modified and converted into usable and precious stone.

With fine cuts, elegant crafting and making it enclosure free, the professional dealers makes it worth buying after changing it’s hues and overall structure.

Different colors like pink, blue, green, red, white, violet, and black are the most common shades for this raw-formed gemstone.

Countries like Brazil, Africa, Japan, and Afghanistan are the biggest producers of these high-quality rough stones. Its selling price ranges from $5 to $1000 because of no advanced techniques and technology applied.

Rough tourmalines can benefit you as you can change it into any object from it because it is before the condition of getting mold. These raw structured tourmalines are great to create jewelry, or any other ornaments to get the uncountable benefits.

10- African Tourmaline

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They are highly famous stones with a wide range of color varieties. These tourmalines are solid and reliable to use for making any ornament more extraordinary.

Having brilliant transparent crystal and beautiful vibrant vitreous luster creature, it is available in all sizes and dimensions.

In earlier days, when these crystals were new in the market, Sri Lanka, Brazil and America were pioneer countries who produced this attractive gemstone.

But later on, Africa grabbed a special place in producing most desirable tourmaline with supreme quality and now there is no competitor of Africa in producing top quality tourmaline gemstone. Two famous places Mozambique and Nigeria are it’s hub.

The main colors founded in these areas are pink, black, green and yellowish color. From minimum $5 to maximum $3000 it’s been selling in market on these average rates. These African tourmalines holds great worth with a variety of  uses.

11- Rare Tourmaline

2.29 Cts Natural Top Rare Bi Color Tourmaline Loose Gemstone Emerald Cut Brazil buy gemstone online

Rare tourmaline is those which are called Paraiba. Paraiba is a unique and rare kind that is found once in many years. Due to this specialty, these gemstones are rare.

They are costlier than other common varieties of tourmaline because of their quality features and rarity. They are found in the darkest green and blue color shades with a layer of copper that makes them ultra superb.

Rare tourmalines are founded in Africa and Brazil from a price starting from $1000 to $50,000 above and still it’s getting inflated all over the world.

These rare tourmalines are quite effective in detailing and analyzing your problem and getting the most perfect solution. Without any side effects and negative consequences, these rare stones with their properties can benefit you in so many ways.

12- Schorl Tourmaline

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Schorl tourmaline is also rare in nature and somehow differently formed other than its fellow gemstones. These are mostly available in the unique black shade which is the least common.

The distinctive quality of schorl tourmaline is that it is not transparent even in sunlight. The price of this tourmaline varies from $5 to $10,000. These prices are based on it’s specifications and value differ from area to area.

Schorl tourmaline can be great to use anywhere. You can make ring that will look tremendous and another benefit is that it will attach to your body to provide you with positive vibes around and makes you comfortable.

13- Achroite Tourmaline

ACHROITE TOURMALINE PEAR 1.88 CARAT TMN00153 - Western Sage Studios

This gemstone is available in colorless shades with rare features. It can get into various colors when you place it into heat.

Generally, it is available in smaller sizes with the price of $5 to $10,000. Mostly this rare and classy stone is available in Brazil, Nigeria, and Africa.

Achroite tourmaline can be excessively effective to dissolve all impurities from your body with it’s effective properties that holds curable capabilities.

Also, it provides relief from stressful situations and makes you feel lighter and relaxed.

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