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Different Colors of Tourmaline Gemstone

Different Colors of Tourmaline Gemstone

Crazy Minerals is an e-commerce website provide best gems and minerals products with ultimate guide and expert review as well. In this article, we are going to discuss the several colors of tourmaline which are most common and in demand gemstone with their characteristics.

Tourmaline Gemstone Colors – Overview

Tourmaline is one of the most precious and worthwhile stone minerals among all gemstones. Nobody can undermine the importance of this excessively beneficial gemstone.

With its increasing demand and awareness, dealers of tourmaline have realized its value and made it more rare and expensive.

This beautiful and eye-catching stone is available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Those who are aware of its unlimited superb advantages and usefulness would surely have it for a lifetime.

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The Ultimate Guide of Tourmaline Gemstone & Minerals

Let’s view the relevant information below:

1- Pink Tourmaline

This is an adorable kind of tourmaline that is not just attractive but belongs to the rare category of minerals with a combination of iron, magnesium, and other chemical properties. These tourmalines are available in all pink shades varying from minimal to the darkest color.

Moreover, it is made with different designs by cutting it precisely to enhance its shape and structure and to make it look perfect for any purpose.

If you want to ferret out whether the stone is real or not, you can identify it by placing the stone under the ray of light, it will change it’s color and turn into brown shade if the  stone is real. Otherwise, it’s a copy, not the real one.

The technique to ferret out whether it’s real or not, you can observe some natural scratches or mild inclusions on it, no gemstone can be flawlessly structured. These both are some real identifications that can be best to evaluate the real tourmaline gemstones.

2- Watermelon Tourmaline

As its name tells us that this fruit highly resembles a watermelon. Hardly this resemblance of gemstone with fruit is observed which makes it more unique and rare with increased value.

It’s outer appearance is of a greenish shade but from the inside, it’s having pink shade which is more like the tasty fruit called watermelon.

This rare contrast also makes it more worthy and people found it amazing with dual beautiful shades. Different people associate different meanings of this gemstone with their understanding because of its unusual appearance and color.

These watermelon tourmalines are available in more or less all parts of the world but they are costly because of their entirely different and attractive inner pink and outer green hues.

But there is a fine line that segregates these both colors and the fine line between them has no shade which is the identification that it’s real. If the line which segregates both hues is of a darker shade, know well that it’s artificial.

3- Black Tourmaline

It is one of the rare and extremely useful and worthy crystalline genuine from the family of tourmaline. Schorl is one of its major kinds having a lot of uses and benefits.

With a fine combination of sodium, iron, aluminum, and other useful chemical properties, it is formed. The derived meaning of this specific black tourmaline is safety and protection.

The reason behind it is that black tourmaline protects it’s user from negative kind of energy, negative vibes and negative thinking.

As these factors makes everyone’s lives miserable. Also, those who have to possess these evil energies can’t stay in peace or lead happier life. This beautiful and greatly worthwhile stone provides extreme protection from it.

Also, it helps your mind to avoid any toxic chemicals that affect your mental health badly. It is effective to conveniently get over stress, worries, and depressing situations because of its magical powers and protective capabilities. Also, there are limitless benefits that this stone can provide.

4- Green Tourmaline

If we talk about green tourmaline, there are many shades available from lighter to brightly colored green. But these are considered elite and supreme quality gemstones among all. Especially, green and pink tourmalines are usually the most common and preferable tourmaline shades.

There are countless shades of green as discussed above as there are several other colors that also got mixed with it when you put it towards the light.

Another name for the green tourmaline is verdilite. It’s preferably demanded by women but men also like to have this beautiful gemstone.

The most enjoyable shade is the cat eye green color in these stones. Although all its shades are equally attractive this can be used for jewelry designing purposes.

This shade is crafted accordingly to place in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and many other related jewelry items for women.

The price of this tournament is not fixed depending upon its shade, design, country, properties, and usefulness, dealers decide on which price it should be sold.

5- Bicolor Tourmaline

The meaning is also inside the name of this tourmaline which indicates dual-colored tourmaline. These tourmalines have two hues of entirely different shades making them more extravagant and unique.

Bicolor tourmaline contains two beautiful contrast of colors, the more attractive contrast is, double will be its price and value.

People found it more classy and incredibly shaped with unique color combinations and designs. It is also ideal for jewelry purposes because one stone contains two different shades which enhance the whole look of the jewelry.

That is why they prefer to cut it in a way that suitably adjusts in jewelry to make it more valuable. The price of the bicolor gemstone is also differentiated based on its location, contrast, shape, and properties.

6- Blue Tourmaline

These tourmalines are mostly founded in indigo shades with a defined hardness of 7.5. But the color of this blue tourmaline is somehow quite complicated to understand.

It has all the variety of lighter shades to heavy bright shade but we need to analyze it rigorously because you can’t find the actual shade with naked eyes.

In some cases, there is a mixed hue of green in it which makes it more creative and amazing. Blue color as we all know shows royalty and wealth, so dominated blue shaded tourmaline is often considered more precious in the terms of wealth generator or because of its elite shade.

If they found any green color mixed with pure blue tourmaline, with the help of heat or with any other technique, they try to remove the green shade to keep it organically indigo-colored tourmaline which can be sold at good rates.

With these useful properties and unique features of this tremendous gemstone, it has its class and significance in the tourmaline mineral family.

7- Brown Tourmaline

Brown tourmaline is made up of sodium and magnesium chemical properties with great benefits. It is also known as dravite. There was a drava river somewhere in which this stone was founded so it is termed as dravite.

The most authentic, real, and best forms of this distinctive yet classic gemstone were founded in Brazil, Africa, Australia, and Mexico.

It is available in many different color combinations ranging from slightly brown shade to extensive color with a touch of yellowish color which gives it another look that attracted users and gemstone lovers.

It is highly beneficial for your health and well-being as it supports your stamina and metabolism to help your body to fight chronic diseases.

It is structured in a way that promotes breathing and heart pumping which are the main pillars of our survival. Moreover, it provides soothing vibes with a peaceful mind to make your mental health effective and healthier.

8- Loose Tourmaline

Loose gemstone are far more valuable and worthwhile compare to pre-set crystal with all aspects. When you pay for it, surely you want to have the best value for money right? Within your budget these loose tourmaline stones provides maximum value with limitless benefits.

It can be best suitable with any jewelry with low cost but expected quality and outer look, that makes it perfect for buying.

When it gets attached with jewelry in any form, it colors became more prominent and visible and the imperfections automatically fades away, in short it provides a promising fascinating look to your set of jewelry.

Another worth considering benefit of loose gemstone is that the evaluation of it’s real or artificial is quite easier. You can figure out whether it’s real gem or you’re being fooled by the seller, with this evaluation you can also realize it’s original value.

Another benefit of loose tourmaline is that you will have a variety of options from different categories of tourmaline stones through which you can create another gemstone or something more innovative. With this advantage you can create your own design that can suitably match you.

9- Paraiba Tourmaline

These are also the most sophisticated and elegant gemstones or minerals of tourmaline usually found in green and blue hues. Paraiba is a common and famous colored gemstone known for its superb classic shades and perfect cuts that increases its worth and makes it more attractive.

The combination of green and blue shades made a beautiful contrast which flawlessly creates a unique and special impression.

In ancient days, this valuable gemstone was only founded in areas of Brazil. So it was difficult to get it from a single country to the whole world but now we have different reserves of this Paraiba tourmaline in Nigeria.

Now as people are getting to know more about its usefulness and benefits, its value has risen tremendously.

10- Red Tourmaline

It is one of the profoundly demanded and glamorous gemstones with bright red and blood red shades. Although the color shades vary from lighter to darkest the most invincible is bright red which is ideal for those who love with the depth of their heart, are more passionate about everything, keep every relationship with their heart, and are very expressive and kind-hearted.

This red tourmaline is also known as rubellite with the heart-shaped structure to show the relationship of the depth of something with a person.

It indicates love, companionship, strength, and all positive things which can happen to you. This lovely adorable rubellite comes in red and pink shades but red is more prominent having many great causes.

11- Titanium Tourmaline

This category of tourmaline is somewhat extremely different from other tourmalines. Titanium is best used for hair straightening and for providing heat. This gemstone can be effectively used for the treatment of several diseases due to its curable rays and properties.

12- Purple Tourmaline

These are highly attractive gemstones with a magnificent aura that looks perfectly shaped and wonderful to view. Purple tourmalines have distinctive shades varying from lighter mode to darkest but every shade has it’s own elegance and attractive elements.

With whole vibrant and exciting colors, with ultra unique shades that create a new look to your ornaments. These gemstones can be suitably used to enhance the overall appearance by making it more appealing and fascinating.

These tourmalines are specifically made for jewelry ideas and ornamental purposes because of it’s extravagant colorful presence.

13- Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow tourmalines are one of the rare kinds available in fewer shades of yellow mixed with golden and touch of green. Nearly zero visible inclusions and ideally shaped with precise cuts that make this stone extraordinary.

These tourmalines were initially found in Brazil, but now they can be founded in different areas of Mozambique.

These stones can be utilized in jewelry or for many other useful reasons to extract the best form of it. With vivid shades and enhanced shape, makers worked on it to create a useful product by reducing its inclusion or after-effects of cuts which doesn’t look great.

14- White Tourmaline

The white crystalline gemstone of tourmaline is great for many reasons. The white colored stone represents peace, honesty, and inspiration.

It encourages and boosts your stamina and inner confidence by providing the ultimate strength to face the world bravely. This tourmaline creates positive energy inside your body to help you effectively find your strengths.

Also, it contains healing properties that can give you relief from diseases especially skin issues can be get treated with this fairly well.

Having a bright crystal aromatic texture with many different uses, this is also a precious and admirable crystal of tourmaline.

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