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The Unique Properties Of Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli stone is considered to be one of the most beautiful gemstones on the planet. The stone is found only in South America and many people are attracted to it.

Because of its beauty and the fact that it is made from the natural material known as lapis lazuli. Its unique properties have made it a popular choice for jewelry and its cost also makes it an affordable luxury.


Lapiz Lazuli


Naturally Growing

The lapis lazuli stone is a blue stone that is found naturally growing in some parts of South America and has its origins in India. The stone’s coloring is so unique that it has become the most sought after stone in jewelry.

The stone’s beauty comes from its ability to reflect light and its color changing properties. If you are thinking about purchasing a piece of jewelry with the beautiful lapis lazuli stone then you need to be aware of its amazing features.


The main attraction of the lapis lazuli stone is its appearance. The stone takes on a soft, silvery grey color when exposed to sunlight and when the stone is held against the eye it becomes an exquisite blue hue.

The stone is blue due to the iron content and this iron oxide content makes the stone very durable and strong. Because it is a naturally occurring mineral, it cannot be mined and hence has to be found naturally. This is why it is such a precious stone for jewelry.

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Color Variation

The color variation of the lapis stone is also very unique and is determined by the type of stone that is used to make the piece. One of the major variations is the variation due to the different types of heat treatment that the stone undergoes.

When lapis stones are heated under water, it changes into a brilliant blue shade that is almost indistinguishable from that of the original stone. The heat causes the stone to become soft and malleable which makes the stone malleable enough to bend when it is cut and shaped.


Lapiz Lazuli


The other common variation of the lapis lazuli stone is the variation that occurs when the stone is heated under extreme heat. The stone transforms into a golden-yellow color that is almost the same color as that of diamonds.

The other variation that is common in the lapis lazuli stone is the variation that results from the way that it is cut and polished.

The stone is cut and polished as if it were a piece of diamond jewelry. Because of this unique feature and the fact that it can be very expensive when you buy a piece of jewelry with this stone the lapis lazuli price can be quite high.


These are only a few of the many advantages of buying a piece of jewelry that includes a piece of jewelry with the lapis lazuli stone.

The stone is very unique and therefore you will not find another piece of jewelry that has the same unique properties of the lapis.

There are many reasons that people love the stone because of its unique beauty and because it gives them the luxury of having a piece of jewelry that will never go out of style.


If you want to purchase some jewelry that is sure to please and has the unique properties that come along with a lapis lazuli stone then you should consider buying some jewelry that contains the stone.

You can check out some of the stores online where you can buy pieces that will give you a better idea of what you are looking for. You can also find jewelry that has the stone and you will get an idea of the different colors and prices that you will be able to find.

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