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Is tourmaline precious or semi precious

Is tourmaline precious or semi precious?

We hope this article would be informative for you to know about a clear difference between semi precious and precious stone and it’s significance.

Is tourmaline precious or semi precious?

Many people want to know this answer of ths question that asks that whether it is precious or half precious. Some stones are entirely precious as per their usefulness and properties while some are not.

So here we are going to reveal that tourmaline is considered as semi precious stone. There are reasons behind it which will be further discussed in this article.

Tourmaline Stones are available in variety of hues with several combinations and contrasts. The dealers and manufacturers of this crystal add more shades to enhance its brightness and double contrast. Often it is done for making it depth and ensure the intensity of color present in a crystal.

Moreover, this semi precious crystal is transparent so there is a choice to add any color into it which sometimes creates artificial and fake layout.

The fake and copy of these stones doesn’t provide same quality results to the buyer and people end up lacking trust upon great properties of naturally mined tourmaline.


Let’s discuss some of it’s background history to understand the concept behind why it is among the category of semi precious stones. Tourmalines we’re firstly introduced and founded in Srilanka from where they carried and exported in European countries where there was a huge demand for these incredible crystals.

This decision was taken by East India company to generate capital through exporting this stone in higher rates. People at that time were getting fascinated by it’s beauty and colorful structure that gives a whole promsing and vibrant look to the viewer. They took it and suddenly the demand for tourmaline gemstones was drastically increased.

People associated this marvelous crystal with well-known stones of that era. They found many similarities between tourmaline and other priceless gems. But collectively this stone grabbed everyone’s attention through it’s magical properties and brilliant structure.

Moreover, these crystals were mined in Brazil in a great quantity. The procedure of formation of these crystals was quite obnoxious. It’s formed in extreme hot underground temperature. When these hot waves cool down and gets into their normal state, the tourmaline gemstones came into being.

How they were being used?

Tournaline crystals were used to decorate home accessories. There was not technological advancement. People also were not aware of different ideas to make use of it. They utilize these stones to enhance the look of their furniture, material and walls. Also, they were used in bridal or heavy clothes to make it look sizzling.

Difference between precious and semi precious stones

This is a topic of debate but we will try to provide necessary information regarding stones that are precious, semi precious and other categories. There must be vald reasons and identifications on which they are classified in such categories. There must be some distinctive features and similarities among them.

What is the criteria of evaluation of precious and semi-precious stones? Why can’t they all lies in same group? These are some of those questions which most of you are having in your minds. Let’s find out their answers

What are gemstones? Why they have categories?

Gemstones are those minerals which provide us many advantages and we use them in several states. We use them in jewelry and many other ornaments. We keep them in any shape or structure to get their desired benefits. They are mined in different areas of the world.

But the reason they have been into categories such as precious and semi precious stones is their provided value. Also their are many factors on which they are classified and identified. But let us tell you that these criteria are not authentic. Experts have made these classifications upon their usefulness, value addition and element of rarity.

Firstly these categories were build in 1881 for making it easier for people to know which one is best, which one is better and which one is ordinary. There is a vast evaluation procedure for choosing the perfect suitable gemstone. When you know it well and understand why it is considered as precious or semi precious one, you won’t find it difficult to choose the right one.

Precious stone

Rubelites, Sapphire, emerald and diamonds are those gemstones which we call precious and top notch quality crystals having great properties. You must have heard about these four kinds of magnifiecent gemstones. They are among increble stones that are often used for elite purposes.

These precious stones are often used by kings and richest people of their time. Because they are highly expensive and rare. They are made with flawless structure and infinite properties. It doubled the value of jewelry or that ornament with which it gets attached. Such stones possess no inclusions and give a fabulous look with perfection.

Semi precious stone

Above we have discussed the classification and types of precious stones. For your understanding, any other crystal or stone except precious ones are called semi precious stones. They somehow lack these qualities that are present in precious stones.

But scientifically and realistically, there is no evidence of these classifications and basis on which these are categorized. People made these categories for their own understanding and verification. Still there are some semi precious stones having more greater properties and significance but can’t meet that specific criteria.

Often it makes confusions for buyers to identify which one is suitable. There is also a fact that semi precious stones are more rare and possess extreme quality. Some kids of precious stone are semi precious while they don’t lack any factor.

Another considerable point is that semi precious stones are not lesser than precious ones. They are equally beautiful and equally useful.

You must take a wise decision between both of these categories. Some semi precious crystals also contains 4cs requirements that includes color, clarity, cut and carat. Moreover, they are cheap in rates with more quality and expected results.

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