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How to Buy Tourmaline Gemstone & Minerals

How to Buy Tourmaline Gemstone & Minerals

Tourmaline gemstone is one of the best partial mineral stone which is used for many superficial purposes with great quality and properties. This unique word “tourmaline” originates from turbans because of excessive resemblance and the other meaning derived from this world means a stone made up of mixture of colors.

That is the reason it is founded in countless colors and shades. It’s costly than other gemstone due to the fact that it holds such importance and value adding substance which makes it rare and costlier.

You can buy tourmaline gemstone in every color, every size, every module and every shape which is convenient for you and suits you.

This tourmaline is ideal for cleaning and detoxification that is essential for better health and permanent well-being. It can efficiently terminate poisonous and contaminated particles from your body with many other great benefits.

It Holds a powerful worth in the category of minerals and stones. People strive to buy it at any cost because of it’s limitless advantages.

Also it comes under those unusual gemstones that can reduce the toxic vibes and negative energy up to the whole extent, moreover, it has the ability to invalidate far-infrared rays that are not healthful for human beings.

From dark to minimal green, bluish green, red, white shade to different shades of black there is no color which you can’t find in this adorable gemstone.

Additionally, there is a distinctive quality of this stone that it changes it’s pigment when it came towards light.

Many people believe that this stone performs miraculously for those who keep it with themselves. When we place it under too hot or cold temperature it changes it’s posture and activities it is been observed that tourmaline react differently on changed situations but it’s advantages and protective capabilities never fades away.

Tourmaline Gemstone/Minerals Prices

As we have elaborated that there are more than a lot varieties and categories of tourmaline and every gemstone is different with one another having different price ranges Here below we are discussing many different tourmaline stones with their respective cost.

List of Top & Best Tourmaline Gemstone Available in Market

Top Pick

125g Beautiful Couple Tourmaline Crystals


Have you ever seen a tourmaline crystal? They are truly beautiful specimens that can be quite large. We will take a look at some of the 125 grams of tourmaline crystals that we recently acquired from the Paprok Mine in Afghanistan.Check Price

Beautiful Tourmaline Big Crystal


This 1500 gram tourmaline crystal specimen is quite beautiful and exceptionally big for a tourmaline crystal.Check Price

152g Tourmaline Specimen


This specimen of tourmaline weighs 152 grams. It is a beautiful, rich pink color and is covered in small crystals. The shape of the stone is unique, and it would make a spectacular addition to any collection.Check Price

Tourmaline Crystal Lot From Congo Mine


This is an amazing 2200 gram lot of beautiful tourmaline crystals from the Congo mine. The Tourmaline crystal meaning is often thought to be the protection against negative energy and bad luck.Check Price

Tourmaline Big Crystal 1525 Grams


The 1525 Grams Museum Grade Top-quality Tourmaline Big Crystal from Afghanistan Mine with Pink and Bi-color in reasonable price buy it now!Check Price

Tourmaline Crystal 152 Grams


This marvelous 152 grams tourmaline crystal was recently discovered at the Paprook mine in Afghanistan. The intense colors and beautiful patterns on this specimen make it a true work of art. This amazing crystal would make an excellent addition to any collection.Check Price

Tourmaline Crystal Specimen 174g


This is a beautiful specimen of tourmaline from the Paprok mine in Afghanistan. It weighs 174 grams and has a nice, even coloration.Check Price


Tourmaline Gemstone Worth

We have been discussing the worth of this gemstone and the significance of having this amazing stone which is not only rare but also contains unlimited advantages.

Knowing its worth you would never resist buying this highly beneficial stone which creates too much value in your life beyond your imagination.

If we talk about its worth as the price of these gems, then in the above-mentioned chart we have elaborated several colors of tourmalines with their respective prices to help you find your favorite one with their attached price.

It’s even more harder to evaluate the actual worth of every individual gemstone. After that categorizing it into high or moderate pricing strategy.

It’s the lowest price started from $150 per carat and the highest price range can increase up to $10,000 each carat. According to the research, Paraiba tourmaline is a highly costly and rare stone all around the world.

Another question arises in this regard which says that how it is to be decided that what price is suitable for each respective tourmaline.

To find the solution of this problem, the dealers and sellers of tourmaline prefer market rates to sell it as per the pre-decided market rates.

Another option includes gem guide which is a great platform that indicates the wholesale rate of all tourmaline gemstones.

They control the pricing rate all over the world based on the benefits, attractiveness, and worth of different tourmaline stones.

The worth of this gemstone does not just stop here, starting from the detoxification of human bodies, reducing excess body fat and makes you healthier and also it provides ailing properties to many diseases and soothing chemical properties that provide relaxation and peace to your mind to get over any tougher situation.

Furthermore, it is unbreakable unless you need to make any other thing by molding or breaking it to convert it into something else.

Something more exciting to know is that it doesn’t get wet even when you dip it in water. It’s color-changing properties when you place it in heat gives you an extravagant experience. As it’s already made up of different shades with variety of colors.

But when it came across minimum heat it slightly looses its original color and transforms into another. All these factors are not enough to describe it’s whole worth but it is to provide an idea to make you aware how much valuable this stone is.

Types of  Tourmaline Gemstone

All these mineral-related crystals are found In many types you can find a single stone with a huge variety and different traits. Types are made to distinguish the individuality of every gemstone with the other tourmaline stones.

Due to which these stones have been classified into different types. Here below we are discussing some of it’s famous and commonly used gemstones. Let’s have a look:

  • Schorl:

This category is the most elite and ultra superb kind of tourmaline stones in which mostly black-colored tourmaline is included. Greenish black, bluish black, and other related categories are called schorl. Stones that came under this category are highly beneficial for many tremendous purposes. Black tourmaline gemstones have their own class and equally classic benefits which dominates any other stone.

  • Elbaite:

Another type of greatly useful gemstone is available in many different colors of the rainbow the most prominent shades are green and blue. They have characteristics of transforming into many different when you see them from a side angle. It’s difficult to understand it’s original color because it changing nature. This feature while being unique also be treated as a positive quality which increases its worth and makes it more beautiful with flourishing and enriching colors.

  • Achroite:

You can call it another variety or sibling of elbaite gemstone only the main difference came in between them is that achroite is transparent or colorless. Which makes it rare and costlier even dealers find difficulties setting it’s price as per its major and admirable qualities and worth. Having the most desirable traits and qualities makes it more worthwhile to purchase. Providing beneficial properties and commendable uses, it can be rightly said that this gemstone being overpriced is justified.

  • Rubellite:

Introducing Rubellite is not that necessary as many of you must be aware of this most commonly used extremely glamorous gemstone. When you heard Rubellite, the first impression that came up in your mind would be a colorful crystal with many beautiful colors ranging from red, pink, blue, violet and green. Their colorful contrast makes it more pleasant and charming. Mostly this gem is introduced with it’s beautiful layout, because it’s name originates reddishly colored substance. It’s more ideal to use for women in the form of jewelry as it can be placed in any locket, bracelets, earring, rings, or to be kept with them because females are mostly more attracted to colors and different forms of contrasts.

  • Indicolite:

You can consider indicolite the most advanced or higher version of elbaite tourmaline. It also has different features varying from getting changed into entirely different shades when get observed from another view. From lighter blue to severe bluish color, this type is somehow different as it can’t get mold into another form while placed into heat so any other method has to be applied with extreme care and precise attention otherwise it will be broken into several pieces.

How to Buy Tourmaline Gemstone/Minerals?

To purchase any product or getting service, there must be a buying guide in which the best site with all procedures has to be mentioned clearly.

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Excluding taxes, no delivery charges you need to pay while ordering from this website. Moreover, you can get free shipment with ease.

Crazy Minerals is the most authentic and reliable to buy original gemstones conveniently with the efficiency of time and energy.

Often people can’t differentiate between artificial or real stone so they try to find a reliable and trustworthy source through which they can get their desirable gemstone. For those, this site is the best option with many more benefits.


Tourmaline gemstone is providing great value to it’s user. It’s worth and benefits can vary from different kinds and varieties but it can’t get minimized.

There are several price range varying from one another and different types that contains many characteristics individually so that having more varieties added more value.

This gemstone is from the family of minerals with distinctive qualities which have been discussed earlier. If you want to lead a happy and peaceful life with no negative and toxic energy around or inside you, choosing these gemstones would be a great choice.

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