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Buy Tourmaline Crystal

There are countless people who are fond of having and wearing precious stone. Tourmaline gemstone is one of the great stones we have on earth right now! It belongs to the family of minerals named boron. There is a similarity in boron mineral stones and also some distinctive features.

These gemstones are delicate and most attractive crystals with many great benefits and properties. The birth month of this incredible crystal is October. You can analyze it’s worth and popularity through this fact that it is one of the most demanded and famous gemstone all over the globe.

This brilliant crystal formed through the mixture of these minerals and with the addition of different color contrasts. All these collectively formulate these stones which are of great demand in market. It can be founded on jewelry outlets because it’s been used in women ornaments to make them look more graceful.

These beautiful gemstones can be sold out in exoensive rates. Those who know their original worth and identifcation of artificial and pure would agree to pay a heavy amount for these useful and tremendous crystalline gemstones. It has a variety of different sizes, colors and shapes.

History of Tourmaline Crystal

This great stone was recently founded in Italy in mid of 70s. The credit of invention of this incredible time goes to Dutch stone dealers. There is also a vast history behind it’s name. The meaning of this crystal derived from the Greek word turmali which was associated with the identification of multi-colored gemstone.

At that time, they symbolize calling tourmaline to all colorful stone to know whether it is a simple stone or a colorful one. You can analyze the significance and credibility of t share ourmaline stones with this statement that they were once assumed as ruby for many years. It was because of exceptional similarity in outer appearance and properties of both gemstones.

Also, it was a vast debate held to evaluate whether this gemstone is holding great benefits or not. Initially, they were not ready to accept the fact that this gemstone is not ordinary. They perceived it as a crystal which is often preferred because of it’s prominent colors, bright look and layout. With time, after passing many hundreds of year’s, they came towards a conclusion which says that this stone possess unlimited benefits.

Scientists and experts have done a thorough research to prove this point. They added that this stone actually do wonders. It protects it’s wearer in so many ways and there is an ongoing list which will be discussed in this article later on.

Where can I buy tourmaline crystal?

Buy Tourmaline Crystal
Buy Tourmaline Crystal

After getting aware of what is tournaline crystal, your next move must be knowing the place which much be reliable and authentic where you can buy these precious and breathtaking gemstones.

Nowadays, people are doing extreme fraud by selling artificial stone which looks entirely similar to the original one. Those who don’t know how to differentiate between the original and it’s copy get effected by such dealers.

Crazy minerals is a website and stone’s outlet which is selling superb crystals in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can trust them as they guarantee originality and efficiency. Instead of going to fake websites or purchasing from the stores whose only target is to gain maximum profit, visit this website for getting value on behalf on money.

It is an American based company dealing with original products whether they are minerals or gemstones. If you’re finding one, then you’re on the right place.

One thing is sure, you can’t find similar gemstone which we are selling anywhere else. We are unmatched in terms of standards and provided features. We have all the available colors of stones with their categories. From green to blue, from black to indigo there is no color which you can’t find in our outlet.

Just like an artist can truly evaluate the importance of art, the one who knows about it deeply and precisely would definitely get the idea of it’s worth.

These crystals are sold in many special forms and designs. They are flourished and shaped to fit it with the size. It’s transformed into a useful crystal by passing it through a process to reduce its cuts and imperfections.

We also deliver customized and special order based gemstones as per your requirements and instructions. You can use these beautiful crystals to gift your loved ones. It must be a unique and attractive surprise. You can also give it to your wife or lover in a form of diamond.

The first impression you will get after visiting their website is that the interface is quite attractive and suitable as per the product they are selling. Moreover, you won’t find any difficulty in viewing and updated with their available crystals.

Once you click the website, you will be shown pictures of available crystalonth their website once you click on your favorite one, you will find all the details written below.

We are having expertise in designing crystal for any jewelry ornaments and traditional purposes. You will get your desirable gemstone at your doorstep.

That detail will help you to know the worth and characteristics of the stone. Also, they have world best categories that has all the features and useful traits required for any buyer.

Main qualities of this website that will force you to prefer this website for placing order are as under:

  • They offer shipping and transporting your parcel with no delivery charges or any additional charges. They provide seamless delivery in a few days. They have supportive and trusted partners, they handle delivery service with the assistance of their partners. You don’t need to wait too longer after placing an order. Furthermore, the procedure for order placement is easy to understand. It’s created in a way that can be accessible and without any complications and bugs involved.
  • Their customer care service team is available 24/7. You can feel free to contact them at any time and they will welcome your queries. They have mentioned their contact details at their website so you contact them for any other information. We feel honoured to say that we don’t possess any fake piece in our service. Every bit of crystal in each carrat is 100% original with assured guarantee. You can check them once you receive your parcel. Our team is carrying our initiatives and objectives with perfection and dedication. They are the main characters behind our success and integrity.
  • Our payment method and modulation is also user-friendly. We offer both methods which includes bank transfer and PayPal for transaction. In case, anyone is not followed or accessible in one country then, their customers can use the alternative way. You can easily access it likewise other options.

List of Top & Best Tourmaline Crystal To Buy (Updated 2022)

Top Pick

125g Beautiful Couple Tourmaline Crystals


They are truly beautiful specimens that can be quite large. We will take a look at some of the 125 grams of tourmaline crystals that we recently acquired from the Paprok Mine in Afghanistan.Check Price

151 Grams Beautiful Tourmaline Crystal


151 grams paprok tourmaline crystal from afghanistan mineCheck Price

24g Bi-Colour Tourmaline Crystal


24 grams bi colour tourmaline crystal from afghanistan mine.Check Price

24g Lipstick Tourmaline Crystal


The rich color and amazing clarity are just two of the reasons why this stone is so sought after. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find one for sale online. So don’t miss your chance to own this incredible piece of jewelry!Check Price

285g Unique Colours Tourmaline Crystal


285 grams High quality superb Tourmaline crystal with Unique colours from afghanistan mineCheck Price

34g Multi Colour Tourmaline Crystal


34 grams multi colour tourmaline crystal from afghanistan mine.Check Price

36.6 Bluish Tourmaline Crystal Rare Piece


36.6 Bluish tourmaline crystal amazing colour rare piece from afghanistan mineCheck Price

36.9g Lipstick Tourmaline Crystal


Recently, a 36.9 gram lipstick tourmaline crystal was put up for sale on eBay for an astounding 2200$! If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this incredible specimen, you will be mesmerized by its beauty and power. So what are you waiting for?Check Price

40g Multi-Colour Tourmaline Crystal


40 grams amazing multi colour tourmaline crystal from afghanistan mine.Check Price

40g Paprok Tourmaline Crystal With Amazing Colour


Look no further than this 40 gram specimen! This paprok tourmaline has fantastic colour and shine, making it a must-have for any collection. Don’t miss out on this incredible stone!Check Price

42.8g Amazing & Colourful Tourmaline Crystal


42.8 grams Amazing colourful tourmaline crystal from paprook mine afghanistanCheck Price

47.7g Paprok Tourmaline Crystal


47.7 grams paprook tourmaline crystal with amazing colour afghanistan mine.Check Price


Key Features of Tourmaline Crystal

Here below we are going to discuss properties and features of tourmaline crystal on the bases of their varieties and colors of each. Let’s have a look:

  • First of all, in the family of tournaline crystals, here you found every category of stone with several amusing and elegant properties that makes you crazy for it! If we talk about pink tournaline which was called ruby when it’s name was not suggested. The birth month of this specific pink stone is October. This precious member of tournaline family helps in recovering of polarized patients. There are some specific techniques of using these crystals for getting accurate results. It can be rubbed gently on the hands of effected one with the assistance of electromagnetic charge, then it will work well. Such techniques genuinely helps the specially able people to overcome their problem. We can also heat it on a flame that can be bearable and place it on the effected area, the powerful properties of this precious stone can be effective through this way too.


  • The other worthwhile feature which drastically increases it’s value and makes it worth for money is that it can be effective to came out of any mental trauma or emotional breakdown. People often face this kind of situations and challenges every now and then. In such condition, they need any kind of moral support or enough energy to find courage that helps him to get back to life and live every moment. This tremendous stone is ideal for this purpose. It can heal your heart, helps you to forget your past that is getting trouble for you in every walk of life. The healing properties of this crystal provides strength and boost your will power to fight from any toughest situation. You will automatically feel relaxed and lighten after having of wearing this stone. Heartbreak is normal these days, it teaches a beautiful lesson and helps a person to become more stronger. By having this stone, you can get towards your goal easily.


  • In this ongoing list, tourmaline crystal also helps in controlling your anger which is one of the main problem of today’s generation. It assist you to control your nerves and balance your emotions. It gives emotional and mental support to the wearer by releasing pleasing and positive energy around. Often anger ends with disappointment and embarrassment. People are tired of adopting several techniques to get over this issue. But this stone actually helps you to reduce negative energy to keep your mind relax. It’s properties doesn’t allow any toxic vibe to come towards you.


  • With such great features, another remarkable feature is that it will make it easier for you to choose or decide between right or wrong. This feature can make your life much easier. It provides you a sense and doubled your sixth sense to make you able to figure out things more clearly and wisely. Through this, you can get prevent from taking any wrong decision which can badly effect your life and leave it’s footprints that last longer. Furthermore, it also helps you to forget and let it go bitter memories that hit you harder whenever you focus on something or try to be constructive or achiever. If you do an in-depth analysis, these features are bigger than your imagination. 99% of problems we have in our lives are based on these issues.


  • Similarly, it makes your mind more wider by making you broad minded having great perspectives. It helps you to become a kind of person that only focuses on the positive side of an image by being optimistic and hopeful for betterment in every sort of life. You will find a level of maturity in yourself because of tournaline crystals. It helps you to be a thought provoking person having a strong point of view in any case. It boost the capabilities of mind and makes it active for positive purposes. When you compile all these unmatched qualities that makes you an incredibly better person, you would love to wear these stone for lifetime.


  • Every tourmaline is best in their own way. But it also depends upon the user how it is being used. There is a distinctive response of each crystal towards every buyer as it response according to the way they keep it in it’s original form.


  • Another great feature we have of great genstones named tourmaline which is prevention from suspicion, anxiety and panic attacks. These priceless gemstones can make your mind calm and takes you in a situation of serenity. Tourmaline crystals works by knowing the actual cause and reason from where the problem is arising. Actually, people who have such kind of problem are suffering from inner battles and there is something negative happening inside their minds that shape their personality in this way. Gemstone or crystals works by breaking that aura they have build around them. This is not a normal behavior for sure. These crystals offer their properties to make things right for such people who don’t find anything right. It makes your life worth living. There may be some dark past memories that makes them the way they are. With these properties and abilities, they evaluate “why” and perform accordingly. It’s a magic but it actually worked for so many people and they find it effective and fascinating.


  • Also, this gorgeous crystal produces sense of empathy and sympathy in it’s beholder. It awakes humanity inside you for everyone around. It changes your way of looking towards people by making you gounded and humbled. These are common characteristics which are unfortunately not remained common in people. But it makes you a better human being by soften your heart. It encourages you to feel others pain and spread love wherever you go. It release powerful energy to stimulate the sense of love for every creature. Also, it provide sense to have a great self control that helps you to get everything in life.


  • People often go for psychiatrists and mind sciences experts for these above discussed problems and weaknesses and they charge a huge amount per visit. Still you’re not sure that can deliver expected results. But luckily, we have the original gemstones that can provide better results with their admirable properties.


  • Furthermore, these crystals boost your concern and devotion towards your loved ones and makes you stronger to fight for right cause. It eliminate every kind of fear from your heart and makes you brave than ever before. It focuses on reducing negative energy that often drive us to do something evil in anger and frustration. This toxic energy can be devastating and makes everyone lives hell. With this stone, you can overcome this issue in a most effective way by patience, self control and wisdom. These are powerful armours to get a peaceful life.

Geological Properties

Tourmaline is mostly available in areas of Europe and Africa that are famous for its mining. There are countless varieties and kinds which are still in process of mining with different other properties and useful traits which are extremely helpful for bearer. It also contains magical properties by having a charge on its lower end.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Tourmaline Crystal

Whoen you make you mind to buy any product or service, there are some factors and circumstances that helps you to take the final decision.

You will look at several aspects as per your budget, price and comfort level. Every buyer wants to have maximum benefits in a limited budget. Here we have some points which you can consider when you are buying tourmaline crystal:

  • It is clear that every other person possess different traits, different qualities, different view points and different mindset. If one person is attracted towards blue tourmaline the other one can prefer black. It’s about your preference and what suits you the best. Every genstone is not similarly affective for everyone. As we have discussed earlier it reacts differently, so we must need to analyze whether it suits you or not.
  • Also it depends upon your budget, how much you can spend on buying the high quality and maximum value providing gemstone or any general one. Different varieties are available with different features and purposes. The list of advantages and benefits it can provide is never ending. Likewise, the research is still going on. But you must choose that fit under your purchasing power.
  • There are some tourmalines that works at their greatest level when they are being placed on the right place. Some tourmalines are designed to keep on hot weather, some are entirely opposite. So you need to purchase it accordingly. If you are living in a place where the temperature remains higher, cold feature tourmaline can’t resist there. There are some qualities and nature of these crystals, you must be well-informed before making a buying decision.
  • These tourmalines are categorized and being sold on different fluctuating price rates. You must be shocked to know that the cheapest rate on which its being sold is around $150. Moreover, the highest rate on which its being sold crossed $10,000 each carrat. But it’s not overpriced or underpriced, dealers and miners who know it’s value and properties could have the better idea that which price is suitable for each category. This is also a criteria for evaluation when you don’t know which one is best, paraiba is a rarest and most expensive category that falls under high priced gemstones.
  • Color is also a worth considering feature. It impacts your personality and highlights your choice with any other significance. When it’s color choice, the most recommended and highly demanding colors of tourmaline stone are pink and black. There combination is also perfect and they can be used for wearing in any form. Either it’s a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Black toumaline also holds thousands of benefits and superb properties that helps you a lot in every step of life. On the other hand, pink tourmaline is famous for being elegant and gorgeous. The color choice matters.
  • Another valuable point before buying a crystal is to view whether it has any inclusion or it’s perfectly neat. During it’s development process, the liquid left somewhere, it often happens when the crystal doesn’t shaped effectively. It creates a cat eye look which doesn’t impact great on viewer. Crystals are famous for their flawless structure, this loophole must not be ignored.
  • The cuts on crystals gives them extravagant looks when the expert knows exactly where to put cuts and how deep the color should go inside to give a flawless look. These cuts enhance it’s beauty and help in identifying it’s actual color.



1- How much should I pay for tourmaline?

To identify this question, one must need to have an in-depth knowledge of its characteristics, value, properties, features and qualities. All these factors plays an important role in pricing of these stones.

When you know all these factors of all individual varieties, then it will be easier for you to evaluate how much is the actual worth of specific tourmaline, upon which what should be it’s selling price. The common price of tourmaline per carrat is between $300 to almost $600. It can vary from country to country and category.

2- What should I look for when buying tourmaline?

Many factors must get into consideration when taking a buying decision for tourmaline crystal. Every tourmaline is best but you must know what is actually best for you. Otherwise, it would never be a perfect decision. Choose what suits you the most.

Similarly, consider more factors like it’s must be free of inclusions, whether it came under your budget or not. You can choose it wisely but first consider black or pink which are rare and elite among all. It’s best if it suits you and work for you.

3- What is the most valuable color tourmaline?

We have already discussed it earlier in this article that the most valuable and considerable category among all is black and pink colored tourmaline. Pink tourmaline is the most attractive and extremely magnificent quality that is sold on high priced.

These tourmaline can be fitted with jewellery and rings. Also, it looks a like ruby diamond having great similarity. As far as black diamond is concerned, it also has it’s own class and value. Black color has a charm on another level, but besides that, it holds unlimited features that can benefit you in thousands of ways. So, we can consider these both top class and valuable tourmaline crystals.

4- What is the most common color of tournaline?

There are variety of colors available in this gemstone. Although it is founded in almost every color includes pink, red, purple, blue, violet, yellow, green, brown, grey, black, orange, white, indigo and transparent.

These gemstones are also designed by combining two colors to have dual properties. But the most common color among all is black. It has a great demand with superb features. If you know about the advantages it possess, you would try to buy it right now.

5- What does tourmaline crystal do?

Tourmaline can be really effective for dealing with your life battles and common issues which we all faced at some point. Also, It can reduce depression, it can eliminate toxic energy, it can purifies inner impurities and make you feel calm by providing soothing vibes to your mind.

It prevents you from difficulties. Also, It helps you to find courage to do whatever you want with a positive mindset. It protects your mind from getting distracted of recalling dark past memories. In short, this stone is a magic in real sense that can transform your life.

6- Is tourmaline stone magnetic?

Yes, it has electromagnetic properties on one end so we can call it magnetic.

7- Does tourmaline scratch easily?

It can’t scratch easily unless you place it towards heat to modify it’s structure.

8- How many types of tourmaline are there?

In it’s common types as per the experts, we have elbaite, school, granite, liddiciatite and rubelite. Among all of them, elbaites has it’s own value. There is a huge quantity of s varieties.

9- Are tourmaline stones expensive?

It depends upon the category to choose to purchase. Some are expensive and some are not based on outcomes.

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